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The Priory

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  • 10 oz. jar
  • 4 oz. tin



In the Priory, you will find an orange tree. This particular orange tree stands in a valley strewn with white blossoms, and as you may have guessed, is no ordinary orange tree. It is the giver of fire.

Feel the heat from this spicy combo of orange, cinnamon and clove. Best enjoyed indoors on a clear winter night, cuddled up under a blanket.


Note: The soy wax in The Priory is pale orange in colour due to the fragrance oils used.

Fragrance Families: Citrus, Spice
Top Note: Orange
Middle Notes: Cinnamon
Base Note:

Learn more about fragrance families and scent notes.

All candles are hand poured in Kitchener, Ontario. For optimal burning, please always follow the instructions on the bottom of the candle.

A staged photo of Onset & Rime spiced orange scented candle called "The Priory". The candle stands next to a slice of orange and some cinnamon sticks in front of a white background.
The Priory
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