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Serafina Pekkala

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  • 10 oz. jar
  • 4 oz. tin



Queen of a witch clan, she’s not interested in preserving value or making profits. Though she has no notions of honour, she believes it’s her duty to fight for good and help those in need.

Fly with Serafina Pekkala through the chilly arctic air on a branch of cloud pine. Take in the beauty of twinkling stars and the Aurora Borealis as you head to war, with your dæmon by your side, and a bow and arrow in your arms.

Onset & Rime floral pine scented candle called "Serafina Pekkala" in a 10 oz glass jar with copper lid. The label is pale green with a pattern of pine branches, compasses, a goose and more arctic symbols. The text on the label is "Serafina Pekkala - Geranium, Neroli, Cloud Pine, Arctic Air".
Serafina Pekkala
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