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Dingbats* Wolf Notebook - Plain

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Size: A5+ (15.5 x 21.5 cm)

Caring, playful and highly intelligent, Luna is our Dingbats* Wolf. Aptly named after the wild wolves that roam freely through the long nights of the Alaskan winter, howling under the moon’s infinite glow. Luna represents the promise of boundless possibility, and it is with this impulse towards fertile creativity that we designed the Dingbats* Wolf. So, carry it with you, carve out own your trail and never stop delving deeper.

Bound with a PU-leather hard cover that is 100% vegan, the pad has a full-moon cream finish with Luna the Dingbats* wolf proudly debossed on the front. On the inside cover, you’ll find a drifting trail of wolf paw prints.  


With contour stitching and 192 micro-perforated pages, your Dingbats* Wildlife notebook opens flat for easy use and includes:

  • A bookmark
  • Footprint patterned endpapers
  • Pen holder
  • Elastic closure
  • Expandable pocket
Dingbats* Wolf Notebook - Plain
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