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Cottage in the Woods

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  • 10 oz. jar
  • 4 oz. tin



It’s a refuge from darkness in the enchanted forest. A hideaway from evil queens and scheming witches. Usually simple on the inside, but cozy and functional enough.

The cottage in the woods. Smells like summer pine with a hint of wild berries.


Tropeable is a collection inspired by common story threads, or tropes. A trope is anything that gets used often enough to be recognized. The Tropeable scents are simple and accessible, with our own little spin. Think plain white tees and blue jeans with a signature accessory.

Onset & Rime pine and berries scented candle called "Cottage in the Woods" in a 10 oz glass jar with copper lid. The label depicts a green pine forest and a small cottage with smoke rising from the chimney. The text on the label is "Cottage in the Woods - Fir Trees, Forest Floor, Wild Berries".
Cottage in the Woods
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