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You Are a Story

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Bob Raczka

An empowering reflection on the many things we are and the ways we relate to the world.

Poet Bob Raczka’s You are a Story highlights all of the nuance and potential of a growing person’s identity, delighting in the things that make us special and connect us to others. Text and illustrations replete with inventive imagery and appealing metaphors show how we all live as individuals and citizens of the world.

             You are a living thing.
              You breathe. You eat. You Sleep.
              You work and play.
              You have dreams and fears.
              You have thoughts and memories.
              You are.

What makes you you? So much goes into who you are, and you are so many different things: A child, an animal, a body of water, a friend, a mystery, one-of-a-kind, a miracle. You are and could be so many things, but whatever you choose to do, it’s your life to write, you are a story.

You Are a Story
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