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Wonderfully Wired Brains

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Louise Gooding Illustrated by: Ruth Burrows

An informative and inclusive children’s guide to neurodiversity for those not in the know and to inspire children who are neurodivergent.

An inspirational book written by neurodiverse author Louise Gooding that challenges misconceptions and shows how neurodivergent brains work a little differently.

Our brains are unique in the way they function, work, and think. Neurodiversity is still a relatively “new” concept that many people struggle to understand, but now it doesn’t have to be like that. 

It is common for neurodiverse people to feel as though they don’t fit in, but their extraordinary differences should be embraced. This book teaches children all about the awesome abilities that neurodiverse individuals have, introduces them to advocates who are challenging neurodiversity stereotypes, and most importantly gives them a safe space to feel accepted. Whether your child is neurodiverse or not, this book will inspire inquisitive young readers and teach them all that no two brains function the same, so everyone’s differences should be celebrated. 

Written by passionate and experienced author Louise Gooding, and packed with exciting information, this title debunks the myths and stereotypes that surround neurological differences. Combining science with history and filled with brain-bursting facts, Wonderfully Wired Brains encourages children to embrace and celebrate their differences. There really is no other book like it. 

Wonderfully Wired Brains
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