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Where Can We Go

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  • Hardcover

Released: September 12, 2023

ISBN: 9781771649810

Dai Yun
Illustrated by: Igor Oleynikov

From a Hans Christian Andersen award-winning illustrator comes a moving and imaginative story of four polar bears searching for a new home.

One evening, Papa Bear announces, "we are moving tomorrow." His family can longer live in their Arctic home: there are no more seals to catch, and too few fish. The next morning, they set off, in search of more promising places.

From one of the world's greatest illustrators, Hans Christian Andersen award winner Igor Oleynikov, comes the story of four bears trying to find a place to live. All they want is food, comfort and fun for the kids. When they move into an apartment in a city of high rises, things seem promising—until the panic they cause makes it impossible for them to stay. Turning to books and television, they find what seems to be a perfect solution: a place where there are seals, but also penguins. So they set off on a long journey.

With humorous, rich and striking art, Where Can We Go? is a thoughtful exploration of immigration and the importance of home.

Where Can We Go
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