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What Were You Expecting?

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Cameron Spires  Illustrated by: Grace Cho 

A baby book with a grown-up twist that will have new parents laughing out loud. Since babies don't understand a single word being read to them, why not give their weary parents a break with some laugh therapy and commiseration? In this clever incarnation of a baby book of new words, the striking art is baby oriented, while the simple text is grown-up hilarious: “This is a house. It's a lot like the one we had to remortgage to pay for your daycare.” And “This is an owl. Like you, it thinks day is night and night is day. Its brain is very small.” Of course, as with every perfect baby book, it ends sweetly: “These are mountains. They are what we would move to keep you happy and healthy.” For new parents everywhere, it hits all the right notes! While Cameron Spires's sympathetically funny text is geared for adults, it's tame enough to be read to a child, unlike that of other parody books. Subjects of Grace Cho's brightly colored and mildly cheeky illustrations - of simple subjects, like a rooster, a unicorn, a whale - are visually appealing and will keep babies engaged. In board book format, it makes a perfect gift for expecting or new parents.

What Were You Expecting?
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