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The Royal Meteorological Society

A collection of unforgettable images of dramatic weather events
around the world.
Our climate is changing. “Climate” is weather averaged over a period
of time, usually 30 years. We experience “weather” every day, but
over time the accumulations in the changes in daily weather add up to
climate change. Climate is what you expect but weather is what you
The photographs in this book are the best of a worldwide, five-year
long competition that received over 10,000 submissions of dramatic
weather phenomena from 29 countries — every corner of the world.
Every picture is beautiful to look at and interesting meteorologically,
but each is accompanied by a descriptive text that explains what you
are seeing and why you are seeing it in this place and at this time. The
images are grouped under five different themes:
• The changing climate
• Extreme weather
• The oceans
• The poles
• The impact of climate on life.
With depictions of rare weather events and common ones that most
of us can’t explain, this book will thrill weather enthusiasts and inform
people curious about weather events everywhere.

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