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Top 170 Unusual Things to See in Ontario

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Ron Brown

Praise for the 4th Edition:
"The sights stand out for their splendor or quirkiness. Some are natural wonders, others are man-made. They might be tricky to find or perched so close that you'll wonder how you missed them."
-- Toronto Star

This revised and expanded edition of the classic guide to Ontario's most fascinating things offers local travelers and out-of-province visitors alike even more interesting, quirky and odd places to visit. Here are train rides, ferry trips, scenic roads and unusual natural and manmade attractions. The previous editions of this book have sold more than 100,000 copies.

Author Ron Brown is an expert on the unusual. In his relentless quest to discover yet more of Ontario's rarities, Brown has traveled nearly everywhere in the province, and since this book's previous edition, he has been on the road again exploring. From the many places he's visited, he has selected 12 new unusual spots for this edition of Top 170 Unusual Things to See in Ontario:

  • The Domes of Kingston; Ontario's Grandest City Hall
  • North America's Dry Stone Wall Capital; The Irish Fences of Amherst Island
  • Surprising Sarnia; an environmental success story
  • Tribute to a Fallen Chief; The Tecumseh Monument
  • The Tragedy of Jumbo
  • Lighting up the Night; Niagara Falls' Newest Attraction
  • From on High; the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph
  • From Bricks to Broccoli; Toronto's Evergreen Brickworks
  • Canada's Midway; Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls
  • Ontario's Tiniest Schoolhouse
  • Oshawa's "Tank Museum"
  • High Park's Rare Black Oak Savannahs.

All destinations are updated with detailed maps that pinpoint every location, and the entries are grouped by general location.

Thoroughly researched and written in an inviting style, Top 170 Unusual Things to See in Ontario offers fascinating stories with background, location and accompanying color photographs. Most places are easy to reach from Ontario's major population centers and border American cities and towns. For those who want to see the heart and soul of Ontario, it takes a knowledgeable guide with a passion for the unusual. Ron Brown is that guide.

Top 170 Unusual Things to See in Ontario
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