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The Never-Ending Sweater

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  • Hardcover



Erin Welch 
Illustrated by: Dorothy Leung 

The comfort of home is never-ending.

A heartfelt story that celebrates the power of intergenerational love, connection and friendship, featuring the nostalgic imagery of a small East Coast village.

When Peter was little, he asked his grandmother to knit him a VERY big sweater. So she made him a sweater with love knit into every stitch. Young Peter wore the sweater, with its drooping sleeves and oversized body, everywhere he went. Eventually, Peter outgrew his small seaside village and decided to see the world with his sweater providing comfort and a reminder of home on every adventure. After traveling for many years, he returns home to find a new family next door. They too have traveled from far away, and Peter finds a connection with the young son, who also needs a comforting reminder of home.

The Never-Ending Sweater
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