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The Freedom Clause

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Hannah Sloane

Could one night off a year save a marriage—or destroy it? In this bold and sexy debut, a young couple agrees to open their marriage, but they soon discover that a little freedom has surprising consequences.

Dominic and Daphne met in their first week of college, and they’ve been happily married for three years. They’re settled and comfortable—maybe even too comfortable. They love each other deeply, but their sex life isn’t what anyone would call thrilling. So on New Year’s Day, Dominic blurts out a suggestion before it’s even fully worked out in his mind: what if they open up their marriage?

Daphne agrees—with conditions. They can sleep with one other person, one night a year, and the agreement has a five-year expiration date. It’s not a total free-for-all on their vows, but an amendment. A “Freedom Clause”: a small change to put some pep in their partnership.

It isn’t long before Daphne and Dominic find themselves—and their marriage—altered in unexpected ways. Embracing the spirit of the Clause, Daphne pushes herself to be more assertive in asking for what she wants. When she begins chronicling her journey of self-discovery in a newsletter, sharing recipes inspired by her conquests and detailing her new outlook on life, she realizes that one night off a year isn’t a small change…it’s a seismic one.

Before long, Daphne and Dominic are reconsidering everything—each other, their relationship and themselves. Can they survive the Freedom Clause? Do they even want to?

The Freedom Clause
The Freedom Clause Sale price$23.00