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Someone You Know

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Catherine Fogarty 

Someone You Know takes you into dangerous territory—behind closed doors where family, friendship and love can ultimately turn fatal

Someone You Know is an anthology of twelve unforgettable Canadian true-crime stories by Story Hunter podcast producer, host and writer Catherine Fogarty. Each story reveals the haunting truth and statistical reality that a person is more likely to be murdered by someone they know than by a stranger. And while “stranger danger” is often the stuff of our nightmares and Hollywood horror films, sometimes those who are closest to us are even more dangerous than strangers.

The collection is divided into four sections: Fatal Friendships (when your best friend turns out to be your worst enemy); Family Ties That Bind (when family dysfunction becomes deadly); In the Name of Love (when obsession and jealousy lead to murder); and ’Till Death Do Us Part (when matrimonial bliss turns into the kiss of death).

In this uniquely Canadian anthology, Fogarty digs up famous historical cases, often revealing new twists, and explores more recent murder cases that will shock even die-hard true-crime aficionados. Fogarty’s original and empathetic approach to true-crime storytelling, enjoyed by thousands of podcasts listeners, brings a new level of compassion and insight to each of these exceptional cases in which the victim and their loved ones are never forgotten.

Someone You Know
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