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So Close

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Sylvia Day

From the No 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of the Crossfire saga comes the beginning of a twisty tale of obsession and fury, as a trinity of women protect what they covet at any cost.


’A gripping pageturner’ GLAMOUR UK
’Absolutely cannot wait for the next one in the series. So many twists and turns…I was constantly delighted by each chapter’ 5* READER REVIEW
’Powerful…I’m obsessed! Why can’t the rest of the series be available immediately?’ 5* READER REVIEW

You can’t believe all of them…But can you trust any of them?

Widower Kane Black has been hollowed by grief.

Until he sees a woman with his wife Lily’s inimitable beauty on Manhattan’s streets. He whisks her up to his towering penthouse, nestling her in dark opulence.

Aliyah, Kane’s mother, sees a threat. “Lily” has dangerous control over Kane and there can be only one queen on this throne.

Amy, Kane’s sister-in-law, has been bloodied by betrayal. She’s paid too high a price and now intends to claim what she’s owed.

Three women, linked by buried secrets, circle the man who unquestioningly accepts the return of his beloved long-dead wife.

But Kane is happier than he’s ever been, and he’ll do anything to stay that way…

So Close
So Close Sale price$25.99