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SHAMAN KING Omnibus 11 (Vol. 31-33)

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Hiroyuki Takei

The action manga bestseller returns, in 600-page editions featuring a remastered translation and new cover art by creator Hiroyuki Takei! Dive into the classic Shonen Jump adventure whose world of mystical spirits and bewitching battles inspired the classic anime.This volume corresponds to Vol. 31-33 of the original release, featuring updated translation and lettering, back in print more than 20 years after its initial release!Hao is declared the winner of the Shaman Fight and enters into a coma to commune with the Great Spirit. Yoh and the other shamans arrive at the lost continent of Mu and face a deadly obstacle course of ten environments representing the Earth’s harshest climates, each guarded by a Patch officiant. Internal conflicts arise, more lives are lost, and mana is depleting—the team is rapidly squandering strength and despair sets in, but Yoh and gang remain determined to stand up to the Patch. Meanwhile, Hao begins his ascent onto the throne. Can Yoh stop him before all of humanity is destroyed?

SHAMAN KING Omnibus 11 (Vol. 31-33)
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