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Save the...Frogs

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Sarah L. Thomson

Frogs have hopped and croaked their ways into kids hearts. With this book, readers can become frog experts and learn how to save the animals they love.

Did you know that there is a wood frog in the Arctic that survive for weeks with half of its body frozen solid? How about that the golden poison frog is only two inches long but carries enough poison to kill eight people? Or that that largest frog in the world weighs more than a Chihuahua? 

Perfect for all animal lovers—and frog fans in particular—this book is filled with information that young readers will love to learn. From where frog habitats are found to what it’s like to be a frog to why frogs are endangered and who has been working hard to save them, this book gives readers all the facts they need to know to become frog experts.

Complete with black-and-white photographs, a list of fun frog facts, and things that kids can do right this very moment to help save frogs from extinction, this book, with an introduction by animal advocate Chelsea Clinton, is a must for every family, school, and community library. 

Save the...Frogs
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