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Ontario Trees

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Jeffrey C. Domm

This book enables easy identification of every common tree species in southern Ontario. It includes detailed visuals showing tree shape, leaf shape and colour, seed and cone size, and bark texture. Using the illustrations and key ID features, a tree can be identified in any season of the year. Author and illustrator Jeffrey C. Domm spent many weeks tracking down examples of each tree to create illustrations for each species. The detail and clarity of his visuals go far beyond anything seen before in tree guides. He also photographed many of the oldest and most significant heritage trees of the region. These trees are featured in the book, along with their locations. The trees include needle-leaf species -- cedar, hemlock, larch, pine and spruce -- as well as broad-leafs -- ash, birch, elm, magnolia, maple, oak, poplar, sycamore, walnut and willow.

Ontario Trees
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