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Once I Was a Bear

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Irene Luxbacher 

A beautiful, beguiling tale about a special bear finding his way in this world.


A young bear rejoices in the beauty of his woodland home, but when he wakes up from his winter sleep he has become a boy in a wilderness of tall buildings. It’s a world run by clocks, where he must learn to fit in, and embark on the adventure of growing up.

Breathtaking art and a sensitively imagined story illuminate how difficult transitions can be, and that staying true to ourselves helps us discover how to be at home in the world.

Irene Luxbacher was inspired to write Once I Was a Bear upon discovering that her son, who is on the Autism spectrum, seems most at home in natural surroundings. “As a result,” she says, “his dad and I started calling him ‘our little bear.’ His powerful imagination, abilities, and sensitivities enlighten me every day.”

Once I Was a Bear
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