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My Love for You

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Lisa Varchol Perron Illustrated by: Sheryl Murray

This lovely and lyrical board book reassures a child that although all things change or come to an end (a sandcastle falls with a wave, a seagull steals a cracker), a parent’s love lasts forever.

Today, let’s soak up summertime
before it turns to fall.
Gather sand and pack it tight
to build a castle wall.

A wave! Our fortress topples down,
becoming something new.
Everything is bound to change…
except my love for you.

A sandcastle falls with a wave, a seagull swoops down for a precious cracker, a looming thunderstorm means beach time is over, and summer draws to a close. Although most everything changes or comes to an end, a parent’s love never does. It endures and reassures no matter what.

My Love for You
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