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Mole Is Not Alone

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  • Hardcover

Released: October 3, 2023

ISBN: 9781250869647

Maya Tatsukawa

In this cozy picture book about friendship, Mole anxiously decides to journey through underground tunnels to attend a party.

Mole is invited to a party, which is very worrisome. What if the party is too rowdy for Mole? What if Mole doesn’t know anyone there? What if Mole is just too shy to make friends? Mole worries through the tunnels, around Snake’s burrow, under the forest, past Bear’s den, and all the way to Rabbit’s door. But despite all those worries, maybe Mole can find a quiet way to make friends . . .

With warm and sweet illustrations, every page of Mole Is Not Alone is an invitation to look and look again. Readers can follow Mole’s tunnel as it connects from one page to the next, learning along the way that everyone can make friends, even if some parties are quieter than others.

Mole Is Not Alone
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