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Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean

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Christopher Kimball

Quick and simple weeknight recipes that bring the delicious flavors and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet into your home—from the James Beard award-winning team at Milk Street The Mediterranean diet is so much more than olive oil, grilled fish, and just-harvested vegetables—or its well-earned reputation for health. It is a diverse cuisine that encompasses the cultures and traditions of Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The food is direct, simple, and honest, served without disguise or embellishment. Every Tuesday Nights recipe delivers big flavor, but the cooking is quick and easy. These 125 Mediterranean dinners are ready in under 45 minutes, with many taking just 20 minutes:Chicken alla Diavola with BroccoliCrispy Pasta with Chickpeas, Lemon and ParsleyFennel-Steamed Salmon with Warm Olive and Caper VinaigretteShrimp with Orzo, Tomatoes and FetaPanzanella with Fresh MozzarellaGreen ShakshukaFlank Steak with Tomato-Eggplant Ragu Chapters are organized by how you cook, focused on time—Fast (45 minutes), Faster (35 minutes), and Fastest (under 25 minutes)—while others dive into themes such as Hearty Vegetable Mains, Supper Soups, and Flat and Folded—including pizza, flatbreads, pita sandwiches, and panini. Many of the recipes require only one piece of cookware, and they all are built from pantry staples. Dinner? Solved—every night of the week.

Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean
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