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Magic Eye: Have Fun in 3D

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Released: September 26, 2023

ISBN: 9781524885779

Cheri Smith

For thirty years, Magic Eye has fascinated children and adults alike worldwide with its amazing 3D images. The first new book in five years from this New York Times bestselling property!

New York Times best-selling Magic Eye 3D optical illusions are back with all-new images. Through Magic Eye's patented 3D technology, viewers can find a full-color image on each page, with a smaller black-and-white image of the "hidden" scene in the back of the book to help solve each optical illusion. Magic Eye: Have Fun in 3D includes Magic Eye images that include a humorous puzzle or joke for viewers to solve as they view each image, creating a fun reader experience for families and readers of all ages.

Magic Eye: Have Fun in 3D
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