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Lorimer Field Guide to 225 Ontario Birds

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Jeffrey C. Domm

Birding is one of Canada's most popular outdoor activities. Identifying species at backyard feeders, in parks, fields, and forests is popular with young and old alike. And in parks, on shorelines, and in rural areas throughout Ontario, there are internationally recognized spots for seeing migrant and breeding birds, such as the tundra swan and the peregrine falcon. This new edition of Jeff Domm's popular and successful field guide stands out from other leading bird guides with its simple visual presentation of a range of key facts, including: Identifying features of every species Frequency and seasonality info specific to southern Ontario Preferred feeder types Nesting details Egg identification 100+ top birding sites throughout southern Ontario, with locator maps The Lorimer Field Guide to 225 Ontario Birds is a handy reference for beginners and a useful local guide for experienced birders.

Lorimer Field Guide to 225 Ontario Birds
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