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Kindness Club Mouse Tells the Truth

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Ella Law

Get to know the animals of the Kindness Club and find out what it takes to be kind.

Discover how Mouse finds the courage to be kind.

It’s a perfect day on Rainbow Island for a boat trip and a picnic, but when Mouse accidentally makes a hole in his boat, he gets scared and lets his friend Fox take the blame. It doesn’t take long before Mouse starts to feel awful about what he has done. Will he be a kind friend and own up to his mistake? Will Fox forgive him? Will Mouse get to be a member of the Kindness Club? 

Children will love the myriad animal characters and learning and understanding the different ways we can be kind to one another. There are lots of extra learning opportunities, from questions about the story to activities showing you how to make your own Kindness Badge to notes for parents and caregivers to extend learning and reinforce positive behavior.

In the words of Badger, who runs the Kindness Club, “When you show kindness, it makes you and your friends feel good.”

Kindness Club Mouse Tells the Truth
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