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I Can Fix It!

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Robert Munsch

A new laugh-out-loud tale with heart from Canada’s #1 storytelling team Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko!When Taylor was a baby, her grandma gave her a blanket. Now she is six and she still takes that blanket everywhere until her brother borrows it to mop up a mess. When he tries to get the stain out, it only gets worse . . . and worse, and worse, with each additional attempt to clean it. Finally her panicked brother hides the remains in the couch cushions and hopes that Taylor will never find it. But she does . . . and she is not happy at all, until her mother shares a story and a keepsake of her own.Once again Robert Munsch teams up with Michael Martchenko to create a hilarious and touching tale about a very familiar childhood experience.

I Can Fix It!
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