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Hide and Seek, Nuts to Eat

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  • Hardcover

Released: September 5, 2023

ISBN: 9781728235370

Tracy Gold
Illustrated by: Nancy Leschnikoff

An adorable rhyming book with educational nonfiction elements woven in. Perfect for homes, classrooms, and libraries!

Follow along as one squirrel hides seeds, nuts, and berries that her neighbors will seek later! Scientific back matter about squirrel hoarding and different types of squirrels from around the world included.

Brrrrr! It's getting colder now.

My coat begins to grow.

Time to start my winter stash

Before the freezing snow!

All my friends like stealing food,

Which isn't very kind.

I'll be smart and hide a ton

For us to seek and find.

Sniff! I find some acorns. Yum!

I stash them in the ground.

Next, come spinning maple seeds.

I pounce. I leap. I bound!

Hide and Seek, Nuts to Eat
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