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Gold & Greed : Murdoch in Muskoka Book II

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Liam D Dwyer & Brad Hammond

In Murdoch is on leave from the Ontario Provincial Police, finally coming to grips with his shattered life and wounded body, when he rescues a stranded boater on Lake Muskoka. Little does he suspect the man has just stolen a fortune in gold coins from Jose de Sa, a powerful international crime boss. And the elderly Florida millionaire will go to any lengths to recover his life's obsession. 

Accompanied by his stunning young bride, Xiomara, de Sa soon tracks his missing treasure to Muskoka. Bodies start to pile up faster than answers, and Murdock finds himself the target not only of Jose de Sa's hired thugs but of the irresistible charms of the lovely Xiomara. 

Gold & Greed : Murdoch in Muskoka Book II
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