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Dr. Watson

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  • 10 oz. jar
  • 4 oz. tin



A classic Victorian gentleman, an exceptional doctor and surgeon, and Sherlock Holmes’ best friend and chronicler.

Surround yourself with books at 221B Baker St. as Dr. Watson drinks a cup of tea and records the details of Sherlock’s most recent case.


Fragrance Families: Herbal, Resinous
Top/Middle Note: Black Tea
Base Note:
 Old Books

Learn more about fragrance families and scent notes.

All candles are hand poured in Kitchener, Ontario. For optimal burning, please always follow the instructions on the bottom of the candle.

A staged photo of Onset & Rime tea and old books scented candle called "Dr. Watson". The candle stands next to an ornate teacup in front of a white background.
Dr. Watson
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