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Death Interrupted

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Blair Bigham MD


In Death Interrupted, ICU doctor Blair Bigham shares his first-hand experiences of how medicine has complicated the way we die and offers a road map for dying in the modern era.

Doctors today can call on previously unimaginable technologies to help keep our bodies alive almost indefinitely. But this unprecedented shift in intensive care has created a major crisis. In the widening grey zone between life and death, doctors fight with doctors, families feel pressured to make tough decisions about their loved ones, and lawyers are left to argue life-and-death cases in the courts. Meanwhile, intensive care patients are caught in purgatory, attached to machines and unable to speak for themselves.

Through conversations with critical care and end-of-life professionals—including ethicists, social workers, nurses, and doctors—and observations from his own time working in ambulances, emergency rooms, and the icu, Dr. Blair Bigham exposes the tensions inherent in this new era of dying by addressing the tough questions facing us all.

Death Interrupted
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