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Cross & Double Cross : Murdoch in Muskoka Book III

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Liam D Dwyer & Brad Hammond


The quiet beauty of Muskoka autumn proves the ideal environment for routine police work prescribed to help Ontario Provincial Police Inspector Ian Murdoch recover from the pummelling he has recently endured. 

But Murdoch's respite is short-lived. Crews demolishing an old resort hotel near Port Carling discover a skeleton clutching an Irish relic - and Ian suspects it may be connected to his own boss. At the same time, a murdered Toronto lawyer leaves his young mistress holding a dangerous secret, and the man who killed a former colleague reappears. 

With the criminals out to get each other, and innocent people caught in the middle, Murdoch is faced with the challenge of protecting the life of one young woman and the distributing memory of another. 

Cross & Double Cross : Murdoch in Muskoka Book III
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