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Bushcraft Kid

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Dan Wowak

A comprehensive bushcraft skills guide for kids that includes everything they’ll need to know to survive in the wild and become a true bushcrafter!

Learn everything you need to know to be a bushcrafter!

How cool would it be to know how to make useful tools, build fire, use cutting tools, build shelters, and cook your own meals, and do it all in almost any outdoor environment? Now you can learn all the basic bushcraft skills from expert survivalist Dan Wowak! You’ll learn how to build perfect fires for cooking or staying warm, how to build all types of tarp shelters, how to navigate your way through all types of terrain, how to identify plants, how to find safe drinking water, and how to live the bushcraft way of life. And the best thing of all? You’ll have an absolute blast doing it! 

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Tutorials for super cool projects like hot wood tongs, an outdoor workbench, branch hooks, a boot dryer, natural twine, birch oil, a wooden grill top, and even a comfy camp toilet

Step-by-step lessons for creating useful knots and lashings that you can use to make all kinds of things, plus tutorials for maintaining your tools.

Survival skills techniques that will show you how to find water and make it safe to drink, build tarp shelters, start perfect campfires, navigate with a compass, and sleep comfortably in virtually any kind of weather

Tips for making camp comfortable, including how to build cooking setups, how make your own cooking tools, how cook dinner with some fun camping recipes, and how to stay warm and dry, no matter the conditions

Bushcraft is more than just camping! It’s about making camping and the outdoors more fun!

Bushcraft Kid
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