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A Middle Eastern Pantry

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Lior Lev Sercarz

A vivid and insightful exploration of Middle Eastern ingredients featuring 90 recipes and transportive photography, from the author of Mastering Spice and The Spice Companion

Israeli-born author, chef, and spice master Lior Lev Sercarz brings home cooks on a fantastical journey to the Middle East to learn about the region’s most coveted recipes via its most sought-after ingredients from spices to syrups and seeds to cured meats and dried fruit.

Through ninety delicious recipes, historically driven ingredient research, essays on Middle Eastern food artisans, and gorgeous photography, A Middle Eastern Pantry showcases iconic Middle Eastern recipes such as homemade Egyptian DukkahTurkish Sujuk Manti dumplings, a Druze-style Sumac Onion Salad, and Bint el Sahn, a Yemeni cake made from flakey layers of dough soaked with honey. Readers learn how to buy, use, make, and store pantry staples, from different types of molasses to legumes, grains, pickles, and, of course, spices. Chapters are organized by key ingredient category like Olives, Nuts, and Grains presenting an array of pantry staples and practical recipes. Readers will also find insights on buying and sourcing ingredients and friendly tips for cooking and storing take braises, roasts, dips, snacks, and spice blends to the next level.

An homage to Middle Eastern cuisine, A Middle Eastern Pantry is the ultimate resource for fans of deep flavor and dishes with even deeper roots.

A Middle Eastern Pantry
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