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Consignment Policy

Consignment Agreement 

As a local independent bookstore, Cedar Canoe Books prides itself on supporting local authors through our consignment program. Our goal is to help contribute to the development of local talent, promote community and help spread a love of reading. The most successful self-published works are those promoted enthusiastically by their authors by leveraging social media, community events, and local groups to get the word out. 

Our store is physically small, with limited shelf space. We are also an independent small business with small margins. As such, we can only support independently published books strictly on the following terms:

⦿ Books will be placed for sale only at the specific price set by the author.

⦿ We follow an industry standard 60/40 split, meaning we pay the author 60% of the selling price, upon sale of the book. 

⦿ Books will be taken, and displayed in store for a period of 4 months. 

⦿ We accept a maximum of 3 copies of the book. If all 3 copies sell we may contact you to request more copies. Please do not bring, or drop off any additional copies unless specifically requested - we take no responsibility for extra copies left at the store. 

⦿ We only pay for books that have been sold. Payments are made on a quarterly basis, within 30 days of the end of the quarter (our quarters end January 31st, April 30th, July 31st, and October 31st). We are not responsible for paying for books that are damaged or stolen. 

When the 4 month period ends, all remaining books must be collected within 30 days. Any books not collected within the 30 days will be donated or disposed of. As a small team, with a lot of consignment requests we simply cannot reach out to authors at the end of the 4 month window. Authors must track their own 4 month window, we are not responsible for contacting you upon it’s completion. If we wish to continue stocking your book, we will contact you before the 30 day period is complete. 

We generally do not list consignment titles on our website - they are for sale in-store only.

We reserve the right to review any consignment titles and withdraw them if we feel they do not meet a minimum standard of professionalism (unedited, spiral bound, etc). We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, safe and supportive space in the community - any books we feel infringe on this may also be withdrawn. 

We have very limited shelf space and as such prioritize supporting our local community. Our consignment program is exclusively for local authors whose permanent residence is within the District of Muskoka. 

If you are comfortable with these terms, please fill out our consignment form here

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept new consignment titles during November and December.

Frequently Asked Questions About Consignment

I can't cover my cost at a 60/40 split, is it possible to get a different arrangement?

No. We use a standard agreement for a variety of reasons. First, for the sake of equity we feel it important that all consignment authors are treated the same without some getting more favourable terms than others. Second, consignment presents a massive administrative burden on our team and having different arrangements with various authors would further complicate it's management.

If my book doesn't sell, can I try again?

Unfortunately, no. We have very limited space and if a book isn't selling we cannot continue to give it shelf space. We receive a large volume of consignment requests and want to provide opportunities for all local authors.

However, if you publish a new book, or have other works, you can submit them.

Can I submit more than one book?

Yes. You can submit more than one book at the same time. However, we may limit the number we accept or take fewer copies if you have too many titles.

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