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Moon of the Turning Leaves

Moon of the Turning Leaves

 Moon of the Turning Leaves by Waubgeshig Rice
  In a post-apocalyptic world plunged into anarchy by a mysterious catastrophe and a permanent blackout, Evan Whitesky has guided his community in northern Canada away from their reservation and into the wilderness, where they've been reviving their Anishinaabe traditions. Isolated from the outside world, new generations have thrived, but dwindling resources and the warnings of elders make it clear they can't stay forever. Evan and his teenage daughter, Nangohns, are chosen to lead a scouting party on a lengthy journey back to their ancestral home on Lake Huron's shores. Their mission is to seek new beginnings and explore the perilous realities of the lands to the south.
 We enjoyed Rice’s newest book for its gripping return to the world of "Moon of the Crusted Snow.” This is a contemplative tale of survival, resilience, Indigenous identity, and renewal. 
This book is for readers who like a dystopian world, rife with the building tension of survival and struggle. Readers who enjoy the immersion of Indigenous culture and tradition in a fiction narrative will also find things to love here. 
 It had been years since most of them had seen their old houses and the buildings in which they once worked, lived and played.”

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